Our unmoderated recruitment service is unique in the market - it's a quantitative service, used in a qualitative manner. Our clients come to us as they're seeking more than just anonymous numbers or statistics. We have a dedicated unmoderated team who are experienced in successfully finding high-quality, qualified participants to take part in studies worldwide. We have a flexible and tailored approach, using a variety of tools to find suitable participants for criteria ranging from simple to very niche/complex.

Our priority is ensuring we generate valid responses, w representative and credible data, which can be used to inform key business decisions.

We can recruit for most unmoderated studies, including:







At People for Research, generating actionable insights is the goal, and we tailor our packages to meet your specific aims. Additionally, as a Market Research Society (MRS) partner, we ensure your research meets industry best practice.

Additional services we can provide:
  • In-house set-up and hosting
  • A/B testing or multiple audience splits
  • Consultancy on survey building and best practices for optimal completion
  • Delivery/logistics management for product testing
  • Prize draw and incentive management
  • Access to pseudonymised/anonymised data
  • Advice on GDPR compliance
  • Responses from accessibility participants


Pay-per submission

This is our most popular option. You pay for one-time access to send your survey or task to our community. We offer several submission options, depending on the response levels you require.

About this option:
  • Turnaround: 3-5 day leadtime
  • Pay for: One-time submission to participants
  • Targeting: Basic demographic targeting
  • Guaranteed suitability: No
  • Incentive: Prize draw recommended

Please note: number of suitable submissions are not guarenteed. We will send it to the number of people projected to achieve the number requested, however certain topics or tasks may have lower conversion rates. If you think this may be the case, or you have criteria that may mean suitability is lower, we recommend opting for a larger submission than required to account for this.

Qualified survey responses

Participants are pre-qualified to ensure suitability before being invited to the unmoderated task or survey. This helps to ensure validity of participation and to double-screen respondents for the most crucial criteria. We can manage specific criteria splits and target niche/complex profiles, including business professionals, international and harder to reach demographics, such as accessibility participants.

About this option:
  • Turnaround: 1-3 week leadtime - depending on complexity
  • Pay for: Suitable participant
  • Targeting: Any (from standard to complex)
  • Guaranteed suitability: Yes
  • Incentive: Per participant - depending on profile and duration/complexity of task

Get in touch with us today for help deciding which option is best for you, or to find out the feasibility of us supporting your custom/hybrid study.


  • Quality of respondents and validity of data: our community is highly engaged and verified by our onboarding and screening processes.
  • Highly targeted approach – we’re experts in in our field and use tried and tested methods to finding participants, no matter how niche.
  • Flexible options – we offer a tailored service and work closely with our clients to understand their goals, and how we can support it. We can do more than just the recruitment – just ask!
  • Fully GDPR-compliant process and we strictly follow the Market Research Society's Code of Conduct.
  • Consultative approach – we’ve got years of experience in building and recruiting for surveys and other unmoderated tasks. You can trust us with your study!


We work with a variety of of well-known clients across the world, from UK charities and government departments to international brands, who trust us with their unmoderated studies.

“It has been a great pleasure working with Russell and his unmoderated team. I would like to thank him for all the advice and suggestions given when needed. It feels like [PFR] are so dedicated to our projects with a strong sense of responsibility and accountability.”

Global electronics brand


Pick our brains, we love chatting about people and how to find them.

Each recruitment brief is unique, so get in touch to get a bespoke quote.

GDPR compliance
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“The whole process was confidence-inspiring and transparent from start to finish, from the detailed questions PFR asked at the briefing stage – and playing it safe with estimates of what was possible in the timeframe – to the calibre of participants recruited, quality of documentation provided and proactive daily updates.”


“The service [at People for Research] is always very good. Accommodating when we need to turn around projects quickly (e.g. for Starbucks). They never let us down!”