Recruiting participants for this kind of intensive ideation and design project can be challenging. These sessions are usually longer and require more commitment from the participants, which can lead to higher drop-out rates if you are not recruiting from an engaged pool of users or have a robust recruitment process in place. Still, the advantages of partnering up with your users to include their perspective in knowledge development, idea generation, or product development is unmatched.

What we can recruit for:
  • Knowledge development
  • Idea generation
  • Cognitive and context mapping
  • Product and service development
  • Paper prototyping and sketching
  • Early stages of data capturing, such as diary studies
  • Other types of co-design sessions
Why our recruitment service is different:
  • Two-stage screening and three-stage confirmation process
  • Guidance on lead time and appropriate incentives
  • Incentive provision
  • Advice on the feasibility of your brief / assistance during the brief creation stage
  • Advice on the feasibility of your personas
  • Incentive Fully GDPR-compliant process
  • Facility booking

“People for Research have always been great at finding people, across the UK, for our research — even at very short notice when a project has needed to run additional research to explore new, emergent, research questions.”

Alzheimer’s Society