Paid food research and testing: giving your ‘feedback’ on food

It may not surprise you to hear that our most popular research is often involving one particularly tasty topic… Food, glorious food! So we’ve asked our team to tell us a little more about past research they’ve worked in and their stories when it comes to paid food research.

Paid research can be a very easy earner for people, and what’s better than getting paid to talk about (and sometimes eat) food? It gives your ‘feedback’ a whole new meaning!

The most Frequently Asked Questions on paid food research

Am I allowed to eat the food?

Each research session varies, according to what the researchers are looking to find out. We will always make it clear if you will be required to eat any food during the session.

We recently had a project for soup fanatics: they were asked for their ideas on future soups, to help a well-known soup brand choose their next big move. Those who took part were not required to taste the soups. However, for another project with a brand known for their dairy products, people were paid to taste their sundaes and provide feedback. We will always detail what will be expected of you before you are chosen to take part in the session.

paid food research questions answers
What if I don’t like what I have to eat?

With our taste buds as unique as our fingerprints, we understand not everyone will like everything. It will be important that if you are taking part in a session with a specific food type (e.g. dairy), that you like those type of products (such as cheese, milk, yoghurt and ice cream!). After all, the researcher will want to know your thoughts on the product you’re testing!

Having said that, the researcher will want to know your honest thoughts; so, if you don’t like something, you can tell them that!

paid food research questions answers
I have special food requirements. Can you cater for these?

If you are allergic or intolerant to anything, this should be disclosed before you are accepted to take part. Similarly, if you are vegetarian or vegan for example, you will need to notify the project manager of this to ensure the researcher is able to cater for your requirements.

If they are unable to, we will let you know and, unfortunately, we may not be able to include you in the session. We recently had sessions involving the cured meat aisle of a large supermarket chain. People were not required to eat the meats, however we were still unable to include any vegetarians, as they needed to have experience of buying and/or eating this type of product in their personal lives.

Before taking part in a paid food research or testing session, you may also be required to sign a disclaimer, stating that you have no known allergies or intolerances.

paid food research questions answers
I love talking about food, but don’t want to eat it during the session. Is this possible?

Most of our paid food research will not require you to taste or eat food. It is usually more about your buying behaviour, any preferences you have, particular brand influences or even feedback on food packaging. One type of buyer may have a very different view point to another. For example, on a research project about sundaes, it was weirdly found that those who love sundaes were more open and talkative during the session when compared to non-sundae lovers, who were much more reserved…

Another session involved a popular food deliver app; those taking part had to use the app to order some food locally. Their food was delivered to them during the session and they could take away their free food and enjoy it on the ride home!

paid food research questions answers

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