Test out the world’s first gaming robot with Reach Robotics

We’re lucky enough to work with some very exciting clients and be able to offer people a unique chance to test out brand new, cutting-edge products. We’ve recently been working with Bristol-based gaming company Reach Robotics, who are at the forefront of the industry with their new gaming robot MekaMon, which offers virtual and real-world play through the use of robotics, gaming, and AR (Augmented Reality). We’ve spoken with the team at Reach Robotics to find out more about the future of gaming and how you can get involved with testing out the world’s first true gaming robot.

Pioneering gaming robot: how is MekaMon different?

Gaming is one of the most technologically advanced industries, so standing out and getting ahead of the competition is not always easy! Reach Robotics are on a global mission to let everyone know about their pioneering product, and bring MekaMon into people’s homes. MekaMon can compete in intense real-life battles, as well as augmented reality (AR) combat, using iOS or Android devices to control it remotely. For those of us old enough to remember the classic ‘bot battles on Robot Wars, MekaMon allows you to recreate a version in your living room, while being much cooler and more complex than its predecessor. If you thought robot gaming would be aimed at just children, think again – and prepare for battle!

Paid game testing: what does a session typically involve?

Testing out the MekaMon is probably one of the most fun testing sessions we have, especially if you’re a big gamer! Those who take part can put their robot handling skills to the test and battle it out against other players, or test out the single player mode while giving their feedback on any improvements to the Reach Robotics team.

What are Reach Robotics looking for during the session?

In case you’re worried about having too much fun during a session, we can confirm that’s kind of the whole point of user testing a product like MekaMon! We spoke to the Reach Robotics team and they agreed:

“We want to gain insight into how different users experience MekaMon, what they find most interesting and fun, as well as any challenges they face in getting the most from it.”

Because of the level of functionality and connectivity involved between the user, the control device, and the physical robot itself, there’s a huge range of interactions that can be tested out during the session. Reach Robotics explain:

“The main thing for us is to get insight into how we can make MekaMon the best it can be for our customers.”

What happens to your feedback following the session?

Knowing your feedback is making a difference is what makes taking part so worthwhile. While the sessions are mostly fun and games, there is an important purpose for Reach Robotics, and your feedback can be so influential in their next move.

“We’re always working hard to make MekaMon the very best it can be, so we’re always testing new experiences. We’ve adjusted lots of things based on user feedback.”

These changes range from tweaks to the mobile interface, through to improving the ways that users learn about the different functionality MekaMon offers. User testing allows to issues to be identified quickly and addressed.

mekamon gaming robot reach robotics team

How does user testing help Reach Robotics?

When a product is the first of its kind and so different to any other on the market, user testing is an essential step.

“Because MekaMon is a cutting-edge product, there aren’t many precedents for it. This means that testing is important so we can understand how different users engage with and experience MekaMon”.

Some products have a very clear and defined user, whereas MekaMon has lots of different types of potential users, so it’s not quite as straight-forward to look at their requirements. Those who are early adopters of the latest technology and love a new gadget will have a very different perspective from those families who want to game together, or avid gamers who are looking for the next level gaming experience. Testing allows Reach Robotics to understand how these different audiences interact with, and want to use, the different functionality and experiences MekaMon has to offer.

How can you get involved?

Getting paid to test out a brand new and exciting product like the world’s first gaming robot sounds like easy money for most people, and those taking part in these fun sessions can even forget there’s an incentive for doing so! We regularly have testing sessions across the UK looking for keen gamers and tech lovers, so if this sounds like a great way to spend an hour, make sure you keep an eye on our latest opportunities to get involved.

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