Emmanuel’s “food for thought” after testing a takeaway delivery app

When you get invited to take part in a session where you’re paid to order (and eat!) delicious food, it’s not something you should think twice about. Emmanuel certainly didn’t when he was chosen to take part in a paid app testing session, which required him to order a takeaway to the research venue. He even got to enjoy his free food delivered during the session; that’s what we call good service!

Watch the video to hear about Emmanuel’s tasty app testing experience…

Despite this being his first paid research session, Emmanuel had a great experience and the research lived up to his expectations. He says:

To be able to give my feedback [on this app] is something I would have liked to do, even if I didn’t get paid for it!

Emmanuel explains that the app he was reviewing during the session is something he uses on a weekly basis. The session was an invaluable opportunity for him to give his personal opinion, directly to those who can make the necessary changes.

When talking about others who are thinking of joining PFR for paid research, Emmanuel says;

If they have the time and they’re fairly flexible with when they can do things, I’d definitely recommend it to anybody!

Emmanuel was lucky enough to get involved with this app testing session, which sounds like it suited him perfectly. Now it’s your turn to find your ideal opportunity with us!

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