Take us on a trip down memory lane!

We're currently working with a client who would like to hear about past events that have impacted your life in some way.

If you’re the type of person who is open to sharing memories and talking about your feelings, then this the research for you!

The study will consist of an 8-day diary study, which will roughly take 15 minutes a day, plus a 90-minute follow-up Skype call.

Please ensure you can commit to this before applying.

  • When
    Starts on Tuesday 22nd October
  • Where? UK wide
  • How much will I get paid? £110 (diary study) + £65 (follow-up interview)
  • Duration 15 minutes per day + 90-minute video call
  • What time? Anytime
  • What is the nature of the research? Remote
  • How is the session being conducted? Online
  • What will I be doing? Diary study + video call

Interesting fact

It has been proven by scientific research that the human brain starts to remember things from the womb. The memory starts to work just 20 weeks after conception.

Please note

Applying for this research does not guarantee participation. If you do not hear from a member of our team, on this occasion you have not been successful. However, there are more reasons to apply! All participants who apply to take part in a project are automatically included in a prize draw to win a £20 Amazon Voucher (awarded monthly). To find out more, please read the Terms & Conditions. Please do keep applying as there is a piece of research to suit everyone!

Participant pledge

​"We aim to deliver the highest level of customer service and support to our research participants by operating with transparency, adhering to the latest data protection legislation, UXPA and Market Research Society Codes of Conduct."

For further information on what personal data we collect, who we share it with, how we store it, for how long we keep it and how to unsubscribe from emails or be removed from our database completely, please click here to find our Common Questions or here to find our Privacy Policies.