The world’s weirdest Easter traditions

Research doesn’t have to be boring – a stigma we’re always trying to defy, here at People for Research. As you may know, we have opportunities involving all sorts of fun topics, from game testing to food eating (see, we told you it’s not boring!). Now, with the Easter holidays just around the corner, we decided it was time to do some fun research of our own…

In true British Easter hunting style, we searched high and low for some of the weirdest and wackiest traditions from all over the world (and we can tell you, there are some pretty strange ones out there).

Easter is not all about chocolate, bunnies and eggs…

We have some bizarre traditions of our own, when you think about it. Where did the Easter bunny come from – why not a mole or a hedgehog? The Easter bunny is thought to have come from the Saxons, who had a Goddess of Spring named Eastre. When settlers headed to Pennsylvania, USA from Germany, they brought their Easter traditions with them, including the Oschter Haws, or what we call the Easter bunny!

Countries from around the world use various animals in the same way, with Switzerland celebrating an Easter cuckoo, and Australia using their native animal, the bilby, to deliver eggs to children…

Here are our top picks from Easter traditions around the world. We’re thinking of celebrating this holiday in true global style this year, so we can fly kites and read crime novels too!

easter traditions

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