We started working with the Aylien team in 2020, providing niche users for a handful of remote research and testing projects, so we asked Senior Product Designer Donal Martin to share some feedback on our user recruitment processes and the quality of our participants.

Aylien are based in Dublin and are artificial intelligence and machine learning experts, who focus in extracting and analysing business insights to make sense of human-generated content at scale.

To 2021 and beyond

As part of our continuous improvement process, we strive to understand our clients’ levels of satisfaction with our services and how we can implement change to optimise the results of our recruitment process.

Before closing our (remote) office for the holidays, we asked Donal to share some feedback with our team: “thanks so much to everyone for the excellent work overall” and high quality of both the service provided and the participants recruited.

“Overall, I am very happy with the quality and efficiency of recruitment I have had with PFR and will definitely be using your services in the near future and throughout 2021 and beyond,” Donal added.

We look forward to keep working with Aylien and the rest of our clients (current ones and new ones) during what will surely be another challenging, yet rewarding year.

Check out our other blogs for advice on running research and testing sessions during COVID-19: one of the most recent articles we published was about empathy in recruitment and research, which makes more sense than ever now that we are going through another lockdown.

You can also watch the recording of our most recent webinar on the participants’ perspective about remote research sessions during the pandemic.



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