If you missed our last webinar of 2020, you can now watch the recording on our YouTube channel. We talked about remote research during the pandemic from both the participants’ and user researchers’ point of view – supported by data we collected over the last month – and shared accessibility and practical empathy tips.

At the end of the webinar, we had some time for questions from the audience answered live by our experts. We listed the top six below – hit play on the videos to listen to the answers.

🎙 Question 1
It concerns me when participants inadvertently share personal data during remote sessions (for example, when using their devices to test a form and the auto-completion feature auto-populates the form with their data). Any advice you can share to protect participants?


🎙 Question 2
35.1% of participants want more communication and information about the purpose of the research. Is there anything else specifically they want more information on?


🎙 Question 3
What is your no-show rate specifically over the course of the pandemic and with sessions being mostly remote?


🎙 Question 4
How do PFR recruit participants connected to the topic, but not triggered by the subject? Isn’t it a bit of a lottery?


🎙 Question 5
We have had difficulties recruiting people with low digital skills for online sessions, which seems a bit of a contradiction, but we do need to conduct research with such people. How do you go about doing that?


🎙 Question 6
How do you mitigate the bias towards participants with a good internet connection when doing remote research?




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