We are now on round number seven of our independent study on the impact of COVID-19 in the UK and how it has affected our industry and user research/testing. Back in June, we released a report focussed on the possibility of returning to face-to-face research amidst the relaxing of restrictions and asked members of our online community how they felt about it. This time, and with a new lockdown on the horizon, we wanted to understand how people specifically feel about remote research.

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To share our findings, we put together a new report that includes the following and more:

+ How people in the UK generally feel about taking part in remote research.
+ Information about the population’s access to technology and digital inclusion levels.
+ What concerns people have about taking part in paid remote testing and what would make the experience more positive from their point of view or further motivate them to take part.
+ What kind of research/testing sessions people have been taking part in since March 2020.

Once again, we are using this data provided by our online community to inform the user research and UX industry on how to move forward during these strange times.

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