We recently had a chat with Kagool‘s Creative Director, James Bearne, about a research project People for Research recruited for in 2019. We wanted to know what James and his team thought about working with PFR and our approach to sourcing participants for remote research sessions.

🎙 How would you rate your overall experience working with the PFR team?
If I was to score, the rating would be a 5/5. From start to finish, the PFR team were efficient, friendly, and always available to support and guide our project.

🎙 What do you think of our recruitment process?
We had a tight deadline to recruit participants; instead of telling us it wasn’t possible, the team at PFR provided a solution and explained how they could meet the deadline. This meant we could maintain traction with the project and give our client confidence that we could meet their deadline.

The PFR team provided a clear and simple explanation of the screening process, which we agreed would be a two-step approach for our requirement. The expertise shown by the team was helpful in making quick decisions against our tight deadline. The transparency of the recruitment process was fantastic, it allowed us to monitor the progress step-by-step and react accordingly.

🎙 How would you describe the relationship we have built with your team?
Excellent. The Kagool team made several comments about how accommodating and supportive PFR were during the testing phase, which meant the project stayed on track and we met the deadline.

The candidates were a good mix and well matched to our requirements. There were a handful of participants that had issues with connectivity, and a couple of participants couldn’t make their appointment, but the team at PFR promptly found alternative participants, again removing barriers to progress and making the experience frictionless.

🎙 Anything else you would like to add?
A couple of key points for me:
+ The speed of turnaround – from my first call to PFR to getting a quote and planning for next steps – was exceptional.
+ The multiple contacts from your team that reached out to us to explain what was happening and the next steps helped us plan efficiently.
+ The quick turnaround in screening and appointing participants against a tight deadline was brilliant.
+ The ‘always-on’ support for the moderators we had during the sessions really helped the team maximise their time and focus on the task.
+ The reactive approach to either re-book or find new participants during the tests took the stress away from the Kagool team and allowed us to stay on track to deliver.

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Maria Santos, Head of Marketing and Data Protection

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