As part of our corporate responsibility efforts at People for Research, every year we try to team up with new charities that we can help by providing either pro bono or discounted user recruitment services, so these organisations can make their services more user-friendly. To celebrate the beginning of 2020, we are announcing our partnership with the not-for-profit platform Democracy Club.

Democracy Club is an organisation with about 10,000 volunteers and a small core team of three – Sym Roe, Joe Mitchell and Chris Shaw – dedicated to making democracy better and keeping the public informed at all times, but especially before and during elections like the one we experienced at the end of last year.

Through their volunteers, Democracy Club aggregates, checks and publishes important election-related information, such as when and where elections are taking place, who the candidates are and how to contact them. The organisation also works with hundreds of local authorities to produce a nationwide online polling station finder. These efforts power websites like and, but also the information on The Electoral Commission’s website and that on many news media websites.

“We don’t have a view of ‘the perfect democracy’. Instead, we try to make constant iterative improvements based on citizens’ needs.”

Throughout the next year, People for Research will assist the Democracy Club with their user research efforts to further improve their website, apps and other digital services.

“Everything we do at Democracy Club is about building the digital foundations for everyone to take part in democratic life. We’re looking forward to benefiting from the support of PFR to ensure that we can test our assumptions, user-friendliness and accessibility with a wide range of citizens,” said Joe Mitchell, one of the organisation’s co-ordinators.

This will include giving the platform access to our Accessibility Collective, so their current and new products can be tested by disabled users to guarantee accessibility.

At PFR, we know how important it is for our clients to have access to the right users while incorporating our values across everything we do, including maintaining a transparent and honest relationship with our participants, which is why partnering with Democracy Club in 2020 is a perfect match for us. By offering our user recruitment and consultancy services, we honour our responsibility to help platforms like Democracy Club ensure that products and services are made accessible to all citizens – in this case, services that encourage people to be more involved in democratic processes.

The collaboration with Democracy Club follows a series of previous partnerships with other charities that People for Research has worked with, including our partners PHASE Worldwide and Big Blue Ocean Clean-up. The most recent activity we took part in was a beach clean-up for Big Blue; you can watch the video here.



Kate Parrott, Project and Client Services Director

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