People for Research ran a workshop at User Research London in 2019 about elevating users by putting them at the centre of your recruitment and research process. The positive feedback received after the workshop inspired us to turn the highlights into a webinar to share with a wider audience.  

With more companies developing their internal research capabilities, and considering recent changes to data protection law, many organisations are reflecting on the best way to engage customers, clients, or members in their research in an ethical and efficient process. For some companies, this means building a panel of customers they can go to for research findings or feedback on products and services. 

In this webinar, happening between 1pm and 2pm on Friday 26th July, we will share learnings from developing our business-to-business recruitment service. These learnings have informed how we communicate with participants for very niche projects and will provide a useful guide for anyone building a panel. 

We will cover:  

Identifying problems

Prototyping solutions

Adapting your content to your audience

Go where your users are

GDPR considerations

There will be a Q&A section at the end, when you’ll be able to ask any questions about content planning and user-centred data protection. If you are not free at this time you can still register, and you will be sent a recording of the webinar to listen to at your convenience.  

Click here to sign up to the webinar.



By Jess Lewes, Business Development Director

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