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Interact London 2018: artificial intelligence and human connections

By Maria Santos

Digital Marketing Manager


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Interact London 2018 is around the corner. With less than a week to the event, organised by Bristol-based agency Nomensa and hosted at the British Museum, we look at the speakers, schedule and how the calendar of UX and design events has evolved over the last few months.

The theme for this year is ‘Intelligence in Design’, with a diverse range of speakers from companies like Monzo or LEGO asking the big questions on design, UX and artificial intelligence (AI).

On 17th October, the day will kick-off with Janne Jul Jensen, Senior User Experience Architect at LEGO, who will talk about ‘Tapping into your users’ mind’ and take the audience on a journey inside the mind of the user and how we can make software with user interfaces that “work” by leveraging the way our brains are wired.

Nomensa’s Head of Mobile, Hannah Tempest, will lead the last talk of the morning with the topic ‘The struggle for existence’, focussing on the idea’s lifecycle and comparing digital landscapes to biological systems. “We will explore where UX, design and technology can come together to create safe environments to allow fragile products to evolve and thrive in the wild,” according to the Interact London 2018 website.

Interact London 2018: the humanity of AI

The always captivating Pete Trainor – whom we saw at Collaborate Bristol 2016 – goes back to the topic of mental health and meaningful connections with a talk titled ‘More than humanly possible’.

“What if humans could form more meaningful relationships with a machine?” is the question leading Pete’s talk. He will share a story about a robot called BO that will change the way you think about our relationship with machines, explaining his vision of the future, where artificial intelligence can predict what we want based only on the smallest, most human of hints.

AI will be a strong topic throughout the afternoon, with Mischa Weiss-Lijn, Head of Experience at CognitionX, closing the event with the talk ‘User experience when AI makes all the decisions’. According to Mischa, artificial intelligence “is leading to profound changes in the nature of the digital experiences we create… and what we do as designers is going to need to change with it (…) We need to move from a design age that prized efficiency to one that preserves humane-ness.”

The day will close with the Interact Party at the Sky Bar London. Take a look below at our 2018 event calendar – only one more event to go in our list!

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