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Last-minute research project? We’ve got an idea!

By Stacey Hirst

Digital Marketing Executive


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We’ve all been there, when work comes your way at the eleventh hour, and it’s full steam ahead; but what about others you rely on to get the job done? How can you ensure they’re also up to the challenge and willing to drop everything as you’ve done? Unfortunately, you can’t always guarantee this, and speed can be subjective! It’s a common problem we see our clients facing with last-minute research, so it’s in our best interest to come up with a solution and provide participants in super-speedy turnaround. Luckily our ‘Big Idea’ award-winner Olivia stepped up to the challenge.

The Big Idea award: what is it and how can it help you?

last minute research participant hotlist

There’s nothing better than having a brainstorm and bouncing ideas around; some may be crazy, some totally impractical, but a few of those ideas may just trigger something bigger.

One of those ‘ahh-ha’ moments came when our Project Manager Olivia (right) came up with the idea of a ‘participant hotlist’. For thinking outside the box, Olivia has received our ‘Big Idea’ award, and is now working on bringing this idea to life. This will not only help with solving some of our biggest challenges, but yours too!

Common challenges

As with any business, we face a few recurring challenges that we have accepted as being inevitable:

Challenge #1: Last-minute research projects (less than 10 working days before date of testing)
Challenge #2: Drop-out participants on the day of research
Challenge #3: Keen and available participants who we are unable to include in a specific project due to specific criteria

The solution: a participant hotlist for last-minute research

We’re working towards tackling all of these challenges with just one ‘Big Idea’: the participant hotlist will work towards pairing active and currently available participants eager to take part in any type of research, with last-minute projects or drop-outs that require a replacement. The hotlist will be updated frequently with people who are happy to be contacted last minute, with their availability to take part. This project is being rolled out with existing clients as a beta service initially, when there is a last minute requirement for participants we will contact this designated community and pick out the most relevant people to include. This idea is still being developed, so watch this space! Next time you have a last-minute project, why not get in touch and see what we can do for you…

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About the author: Stacey Hirst is the Digital Marketing Executive at People for Research. She is our content expert and a bit of a geek! You can find her on Twitter or Instagram, engaging with participants and chatting with clients.

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