Whether you’re not sure what exactly the Jobs To Be Done framework is or you’re an expert in the matter, then the next User Research North meetup is the place to be on 13th February. The event is back for the first time in 2018, and People for Research are proudly sponsoring the monthly meetup along with Co-op Digital.

Steph Troeth, previously Head of Research at Clearleft and currently working as an independent strategist and researcher, and Adam Warburton, Head of Product at Co-op Digital, are the experts taking the stage at Manchester’s Federation House to discuss how to apply the Jobs To Be Done framework to user research. If you are not sure what this framework is about and how it can help you dodge the problems that often affect user stories and personas, you can read more about it here.

Before the meetup takes place, we had a quick chat with Tom Walker, Design Researcher at the BBC and one of the event organisers, to find out a bit more about what you can expect from User Research North in 2018.

🎙 What prompted the User Research North team to get together and organise this event?

We love the design and UX community in the North, but felt like there was a bit of a gap for events dedicated to user research. We also found it pretty difficult to network with other researchers, so we wanted to change that by creating an event for people like us.

Although we call it a meetup, we’d like to think it’s a bit more than that. Our hope is that User Research North will help cultivate a stronger research community, through sharing experiences and ideas, and become a place to meet other like-minded individuals, as well as inspire more people to do user research.

🎙 Tell us more about the event on 13th February and its topic.

Jobs To Be Done is something that’s been used successfully in many places, but also something that still lots of people are unsure about. We hope the next User Research North can introduce people to a potentially new way of working, one that they may have not considered before.

🎙 What are your plans for the future (next meetup, topics, guests, etc.)?

We want User Research North to be shaped by its community and work for them. If anyone has ideas about topics they’d like us cover, we’d love to hear from them. The best way to contact us is by sending us a message on Twitter.



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