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Meet the PFR Team – Vicky Karran, Senior Project Manager

By Stacey Hirst

Digital Marketing Assistant


The People for Research team is expanding at rapid speed, which means only one thing… More team members to introduce you to! Next up we have Vicky, who has made quite the impact since joining about eight months ago.

Having originally worked as a Project Manager in Team Kate, Vicky quickly moved up in the ranks and has recently been promoted to Senior Project Manager, taking on what was previously Kate’s role. Don’t worry, Kate’s still very much with us – she has moved into an exciting new role as our Project and Client Services Director! Vicky now manages four of our Project Managers: Ellie, Alex, Jake and Owain.

So, how did Vicky get to where she is now? It was her combination of experience in both recruitment and research that really gave Vicky the edge to succeeding in her role with PFR.

Originally from Cambridge, Vicky moved to Bristol several years ago to study Marketing at the University of the West of England, and she has stayed here ever since!

Working her spreadsheet magic with Excel wizardry!

If you’ve read any of our previous ‘Meet the Team’ blogs, you’ll notice that there are a few nicknames floating around the office. Vicky is no exception, as she has earned the title of ‘Spreadsheet Queen’ (she even has a mug that says so!), thanks to the Excel wizardry she regularly shares with the team!

Outside of working her magic on Excel, Vicky enjoys going to the gym and getting creative at home by delving into some arts and crafts. She has recently made some wallpaper canvases and jazzed up her TV unit!

Having been part of the team for around eight months now, Vicky has certainly made her mark! After all this hard work, she has definitely earned her rest and appeased her passion for travelling by heading off to Thailand for a well-earned holiday earlier this year.

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About the author: Stacey Hirst is the Digital Marketing Assistant at People for Research. She is our content expert and a bit of a geek! You can find her on Twitter or Instagram, engaging with participants and chatting with clients.

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