Making sure our clients are happy with our user recruitment service and team performance is one of the top priorities at People for Research. We spoke to Konrad Black, a freelance Experience Consultant, to find out what he thinks about our services and process.

🎙 How would you rate your overall experience working with the PFR team?

I couldn’t give PFR high enough praise. The experience is always consistently high. I have to place a lot of faith and trust in PFR to find people for our research, as often our reputation hinges on the quality of the research.

This means it’s vital that recruitment goes well and, in every instance of recruitment that PFR have completed for us, I’ve never had a mediocre experience, let alone a poor one. It’s always been consistently outstanding.

🎙 What do you think of the recruitment process?

I really value the time spent meeting the team face-to-face. It helps to get to the root of the recruitment and teases out any potential challenges. Having a dedicated recruitment project manager, who always makes themselves available, has been invaluable. Using your recruitment templates really helps to speed recruitment up and keeps it consistent from project to project.

The team are extremely professional with users and you can see they are passionate about their job – they are always fascinated by the nature of the research and are sensitive to the often fragile audiences they speak to.

They’re always happy to speak to us, even when there’s no budget or time left; they go above and beyond in my opinion.

🎙 How would you rate the quality of the participants sent to you?

The best participants we’ve ever worked with have only come from PFR. They’re able to screen participants exceptionally well and the level of insight we’ve gained through their participants has been second to none. Other recruiters may get you larger numbers, but the depth and quality is usually poor, it’s like general market research.

“If you want participants that you get real, genuine, deep and emotive insight from, we trust only PFR to get them.”

🎙 How would you describe the relationship we have built with your team?

Outstanding. On a recent project, where we had to find a variety of very complex audience types across the country, we had a dedicated project manager who did an amazing job. Having them on hand to answer questions, to be proactively calling me about new leads and to screen people they’ve found was reassuring.

They’re also truly lovely people. Not often you receive a card from a partner, signed by everyone in the office, celebrating the birth of your second child. I don’t think I even got one from my employer, so was truly lovely to have got one from PFR. Also, the level of experience and consultation they bring to the strategy of finding the right people has saved our bacon on more than one occasion.

🎙 Anything to add?

You guys rock. We look forward to rock out more research projects with you very soon!



Maria Santos, Head of Digital Ops & Data Protection

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