Data has revolutionised every field of business, from manufacturing to marketing. So, why not use it to help with participant recruitment? No one knows your customers better than you – if you have customer data that can help us identify and engage relevant participants for your user research and usability testing, it could simplify the recruitment process and reduce costs.

People for Research have created a dedicated process to get the best out of customer data when identifying and screening participants, as well as supporting clients demystify the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the implications this has on sharing data.

These five benefits show why we have developed our new process and why you should partner with People for Research if you are looking to include your customers in your digital research strategy.

✨ Faster and smoother recruitment experience

People for Research are professional participant recruiters, the process has been developed after years of recruiting from customer data sets and experiencing delays due to not getting the data we need. The PFR process has proven to be the fastest recruitment process, providing a smooth experience for both client and customer.

✨ Data cleansing

Our process requires customers to share up to date information that is relevant the research project at the start of process, before we pick up the phone to start the screening process. This enables us to fill in any gaps in your data, and can help cleanse any historic data that may not be accurate.

✨ Better targeting and screening of people

The more detailed accurate information you can provide about your customers to the recruiter, the better. It means you can target suitable participants from your pool of customers more successfully and potentially faster. If customers feel that the research is relevant to them they will be more engaged.

✨ Support creating invite content

People for Research specialise in engaging diverse groups of people in research, and as a result can create invite content to send out to your customers to ensure transparency at every stage of the process.

✨ Advice on getting the best response

People for Research can provide advice and guidance based on our professional experience on how to generate a good response to any outgoing call for participation. As well as how to generate a decent data set from which to recruit.

✨ Support with ongoing research

If you’re conducting ongoing research, and require fresh participants for each round, we can manage your customer data on an ongoing basis so that you don’t have to send a new email campaign or text each time. This streamlines the process if you’re planning to run multiple rounds of research.



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At People for Research, we recruit participants for UX and usability testing and market research. We work with award winning UX agencies across the UK and partner up with a number of end clients who are leading the way with in-house user experience and insight.