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World IA Day: the changing landscape of information architecture

By Stacey Hirst

Digital Marketing Assistant


Information architecture is going global! Each year, World IA Day is celebrated across the world in over 50 locations, from technology hubs Tokyo and San Francisco, to world-renowned creative cities like Barcelona and our very own Bristol.

We’re incredibly fortunate to be based in a city where a World Information Architecture Day event will be taking place, so the PFR team will be heading over to St George’s in Bristol on Saturday 18th February to hear the very latest news on information architecture – if you fancy joining us, tickets are still available here!

World IA Day 2017: what’s it all about?

The theme for this year’s #WIAD is Information Strategy & Structure, focusing on the physical structure behind your user interface. A great topic for user experience (UX) architects, of course – but it will also be extremely insightful for designers, developers, and content strategists alike. We’re excited to learn more about information architecture and how it will be useful for us too!

World IA Day 2017


The worldwide event is all thanks to the Institute of Information Architecture, a non-profit organisation dedicated to furthering the field of information architecture. To put it simply;

“Information architecture is about helping people understand their surroundings and find what they’re looking for, in the real world as well as online.”

World IA Day Bristol will be hosted by Nomensa, a strategic UX design agency based in the very heart of the city; Simon Norris (CEO) and Catherine Vaughan will both be attending on behalf of the company.

Who are the speakers?

As you may expect, talks will be delivered throughout the day by some key names within the industry, covering topics from AI to customer experience (CX), as well as the star of the show… IA!

Dan Ramsden & Charlotte Edwards will be kicking off the day with their session “What’s the Point of IA?”. Dan is the BBC Creative Director for UX Architecture and Charlotte is a UX Experience Architect, also at the BBC. They’ll be using their experience to share with us a framework for planning, developing, describing and deciding on how good IA can be most valuable across different stages of a project, product or systems evolution.

Another talk worth mentioning is Gordon Brown’s “Talking to machines, listening to people”, which will explore linguistic user interfaces like Alexa and Google Assistant, something which will be a huge topic this year and continue to grow in significance for the UX industry.

The grand finale…

The keynote “The Century of the City and the Digitisation of Everything” will be brought to us by Paul Wilson, TM Forum’s Smart City Trusted Advisor, who will tell us all about the changing landscape and how leading cities are now using data to the advantage of their citizens and businesses. With big names like Amazon, Facebook, AirBnB and Über leading the change in platform economy, it’s time we all learnt a little more about this exciting topic and how this will continue to impact on us in the future.

Can’t make it? You can still get involved! If you don’t want to miss out but can’t make it to St George’s on Saturday 18th February, keep updated on social media using the hashtags #WIAD17 and #WIADBristol – we’ll see you there!

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