Almost two years ago, we wrote a blog on how to create a successful participant recruitment brief with a special focus on user experience (UX) and usability testing projects. This week, we got inspired by that same blog and shared some precious user recruitment brief tips with the experts that attended the latest South West UX meetup at our Bristol-based offices. 

Many new enquiries People for Research get are from clients who are working to incredibly tight time frames that are immovable. For example, it may be digital transformation and the client is working in an agile environment. The client knows that it would be valuable to get some customer insight about the user experience of their website or service before making a particular decision or changing a design.

When faced with a short time frame, it can be tempting just to take whatever information has been provided in an email or rushed phone call, and just get on with the recruitment. However, this is the easiest way of increasing the risk of not meeting the deadline, and potentially recruiting unsuitable participants.

Here is our basic visual guide for a good user recruitment brief with six steps to keep in mind.

ux and usability recruitment brief infographic

For a more detailed guide and lots of extra information, read our previous blog on how to successfully create a good user recruitment brief for UX and usability testing, as well as more traditional market research.

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