What happens after I apply?

What happens once I apply?

We review all applications and select a mix according to the requirements for the research. Usually this means that we need a good mix of ages, an equal split of genders and a mix of experience with the subject matter.

We also aim to be fair and try to get people involved who have never taken part in research before.

If selected, you will receive a phone call from one of the members of our team, and they will talk you through what to expect on the day and run through some additional qualifying questions.

Paid research studies and usability testing can be very popular; often we get a large volume of responses and we cannot reply individually to everyone to let them know they have not been selected to take part. Some projects are harder than others, and we are often still working to book people in up until the day before the session or if someone is unable to attend last minute, so we may still be working on the project on the day of testing itself.

If you have not heard from us on the day of testing, then you have not been selected to take part.

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